How to organize your college life with Basket

When you’re in college, staying productive is pretty much the most important thing. You have to keep up with your courses and exams beside making new friends, adventure, working on your hobbies, parties…list goes on.

It becomes hard to properly manage contents you come across internet while working on a project or gathering articles for your next lecture or presentation. Sometimes you also need to save your inspirations related to your hobby or articles on new coding techniques you are learning.

Basket helps you to quickly save and organize stories you find interesting on web. Put articles, videos and any kind of useful links in Basket and access from devices you use daily.

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Introducing Basket for Android

We were getting requests from you to have your Basket in Android and guess it is here. With Read later and lot more facility Basket is now available for your Android. 

Let’s Get it from Google Play and see how you can make more out of your Basket.

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