How to organize your college life with Basket

When you’re in college, staying productive is pretty much the most important thing. You have to keep up with your courses and exams beside making new friends, adventure, working on your hobbies, parties…list goes on.

It becomes hard to properly manage contents you come across internet while working on a project or gathering articles for your next lecture or presentation. Sometimes you also need to save your inspirations related to your hobby or articles on new coding techniques you are learning.

Basket helps you to quickly save and organize stories you find interesting on web. Put articles, videos and any kind of useful links in Basket and access from devices you use daily.

Today we are going to discuss how you can deal with challenges you face to properly manage your useful links. 

1. Organize items in proper category

Keeping items in proper categories will always help you to find them quickly. Your findings related to Alimentary Design course can reside under ‘STU 0130300′ category and your research findings for next presentation can reside under ‘swarm robotics’. The key is to have clarity.

2. Easily identify items which need quick attention with labels

Labels gives you immense power to organize contents according to your workflow.  You may need to check some recently saved contents spanning various categories or topics or courses, assigning label ‘Have to check’ will help you to quickly identify the items requires your action.

In very same way may be you need to share an item with your project guide or  friend, but not immediately but after a little inspection from your end. Mark them as ‘Have to share’.

3. Mark the reason to save an item by keeping notes

Any area you want to do differently for you project paper and saved a related article? Just put those things in notes against that link. Want to save a quick fix or workaround you did to the coding solution found online? Save it in the notes.

4. Take your Basket with you everywhere

Traveling to a new place with friends? Read articles saved on people, cultures of the new place while travelling in train or by air. Saved a funny Youtube video to watch later? View with your friends while returning in Bus.

Read articles OFFLINE at home on your any favorite topic over coffee on your couch.

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