Introducing Basket for Android

We were getting requests from you to have your Basket in Android and guess it is here. With Read later and lot more facility Basket is now available for your Android. 

Let’s Get it from Google Play and see how you can make more out of your Basket.

Add an item : From browser or from any app like Flipboard, feedly you can add any article by going from Share. Look for the Share button against the item you want to save, normally can be found in menu or toolbar.

When you tap Share, you will see a list of share options, and you will find “Add to Basket” option, usually at the top of the list, you just need to tap “Add to Basket” to save the item.

Organize after adding:

Sometimes it is necessary to organize an item while adding. To do that, after adding an item you can add the just added item in existing or a new category and also can assign a color label depending on your purpose. If you don’t want to organize at that point simply press ‘back’ or 'cancel’ or touch outside the pop-up.

Edit and item and add Notes :

While in any list swipe the row of which you want to edit to left. A list of icons will come to assist you with 'edit’, 'delete’ or 'share’. Tap on the 'edit’ icon to proceed.

you can add/ edit Note, Category, Label, Tags, Title against the item.

View Notes: Double tap on any item to see the assigned notes against it.

Control when you like to download articles: You may be in limited data plan to utilize it we gave you control to tell Basket when to download offline contents. 

Go to ‘Settings’ and tap ‘Article download policy’ to suit your need. Basket by default will download articles on wi-Fi only.

Get Basket for Android

We are working hard to make Basket more beautiful for you. Let us know your thoughts in comments.