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  • Categories

    Assign categories while adding to organize your collection. Create categories like Favorite musics, Science projects, Inspirition and keep right things at right place to find easily later

  • Label

    Assigning a label will make you more productive. Things you want to check or essential goes under selected label to consume content better than ever before

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    Did you save some random articles on Java programming ? but why ? Your note against item may have answer for that

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With Basket you can access and read your saved blog posts, articles in a clutter free environment, even offline

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    From our mobile app all articles will be saved for offline access. So if you are in a remote area stuck somewhere without internet, Basket can be your perfect companion to pass time

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    Reading articles under blanket in night ? Switch to dark mode for eye pleasure. Checking out articles while on bus ? Make fonts bigger for clear access

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