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About Basket
How Basket came ?
We found many good articles, videos and various link and content types and we bookmarked them. We noticed that it is becoming a problem to find those saved items, we were getting very less option to keep things organized. So we thought to create a place which will serve the true purpose of bookmarking and we started working on Basket.
We are aiming to make the bookmark data management much easier and effective for you in simple way. Save anything you want to access later and read your articles anytime from any device. Basket will make your web life easy.
Well. so how is it going ?
Yeah. It's going smooth. Since we are very young. Still developing our services for several platforms. Anyway, below here giving you a timeline of us
We started thinking about how can we make a good product which will simplify bookmarking of web users
Finished coding for all primary features and started working on UI and security issues.
30th October, 2014
Opened our door for beta users and started listening to users to make Basket most beautiful utility app in the web world.
Behind the scene
  • Showvhick NathUI-UX man
  • Ranit SanyalBusiness guy
  • Sandip DasTechnically cool
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Tell us how we're doing?
Do you have any suggestion for us ? or any feedback, question or any query ? We will be glad to hear from you anytime. Reach us out at E-mail address given below