All New Faster and Smoother Basket is Here

We have pushed a new version of Basketapp web with better look and feel .  Always we keep working hard to bring changes which will enhance your basketing experience.  We are really excited to see you using it.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:

  • With new look and feel we have simplified Basket user experience to put priority on thing that matters most. We gave priority on Title of a item, so that you can find your saved items at a glance. 
  • Now filter your saved items on different type of useful ways. Filter your Articles, Videos, Embed Items, Document in one click.
  • We made room for your notes/details against a saved item. It is now easy to access just by hovering the triangle box at the top right side of the bookmark block. If you want to edit it just click it and you are there.

We hope you’ll find Basket more beautiful, a bit more intuitive and as clean and useful as always.

Let us know your take on the new Basket experience by commenting below or by mailing at: [email protected] . Happy Basketing :)