Introdcuing Note for item in Basket

Yes, you can save notes against your saved items in Basket. We think you will love this feature. 

We all know how taking notes help us a lot. While organizing an item it is best many times to keep notes associated with them.

Why you are saving it, may be you were doing some research on some tools and you thought it can be useful in certain way. You can note some changes on top of a saved recipe to do it in your own manner. You may write down ISO information of a photo you saved to use it later while taking photograph.

We made it easy to see glimpse of your notes against your favorites just by hovering the triangle box at the top right side of the bookmark block.

 If you want to edit it just click it and you are there. Get more organized down the years with your saved items. 

Feel free to send us your thoughts in the comments below or via email to [email protected] 
- Team Basket