A new button for your twitter. Build for persons who care about #productivity

We are running a campaign on social media about the utility of twitter buttons.
So if you have been here from twitter then you must be wondering what does this button do. Actually twitter doesn’t give this button by default.

But installing this chrome extension will add this to your news feed and every twitter profiles you visit. When a tweet gets your attention or somehow
it seems important for you to keep somewhere simply click this button.  

This tweet will be saved. And NOONE will be notified for this. Neither your follower Nor the person who tweeted this ever will come to know that you saved the tweet. It will be preserved in a private space. Not only that, when any tweet contains any link. Like the image displayed below- 

You can use this button either to keep the tweet or to keep the link inside the tweet. Just by one click. So when you are scrolling to your newsfeed and randomly twitter feeds showing you new tweets by persons or pages you are following, you can simply keep tweets or links inside tweets for watching later.

The best part is if the link inside the tweet is an article, you can read it offline, it will be synced among other devices. If you are concerened over privacy over this, please read our privacy policy 

Now the most important part is how to get this button. Actually we built a chrome extension which does this thing. It does some incredible jobs for a productive person along with this.

Get this extension here - Click here 

and also by our android app and web app you can do so many things like this and access your saved items. Visit www.basketapp.net for more details