Introducing new Basket for Chrome

For past few  months we were  working hard to improve your productivity with Basket and we wanted to bring it to Google Chrome which you use daily to browse internet.  

We started working on Basket for Chrome keeping in mind, that while you are researching over web then you must access your Basket as fast as you can and with all the right elements to keep things organized from any opened tab.

Here is what we prepared for you-

Save any link from the article you are reading in seconds

Now you can save any link from any webpage just by right clicking on it and clicking ‘Put in basket’.

Introducing Shortcuts

You can press Ctrl+D (Windows) or Command+D (Mac) to save your current page in Basket.

Press Ctrl+shift+L ( Windows ) or Command +shift+L ( Mac )   to open your list.

Save any tab opened in your browser

If you are willing to save multiple opened tabs in one go, click on the ‘add another link’ option in bottom of the popup. You will able to see all the tabs listed there. Click on the ‘tick’ icon beside the link you wish to save.

Introducing Labels

Want to share some videos later? or want to add some content to your favorite? or want to mark something as essential? or just want to keep some link secret? 

Now against any link you can add your desired label to provide a purpose or quick check of saved items as per your working style.

Keep Notes

To keep in mind why you saved it or to keep some more information against the item you saved note can be very handy.

Suppose you tweaked the recipe saved and want to save that small change or may be you want to keep some details against a link you saved for your upcoming trip,  notes can be very handy in that cases.

Find in Google

Sometimes though something is saved earlier we forgot and search for the very similar thing. To minimize that now if you already saved something in your basket and try to search for something similar in Google, Basket chrome extension will automatically show your already saved links at top. And yes if you will you can also control it from Options section.

Read Offline

Basket chrome extension allows you to read articles offline. Just keep the article you want to read in offline and it will be available to you without internet.

Get Basket for Chrome

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