How Basket can be a Photographers’ Best Tool

Basket let you save links of your favorite items and organize them. Today we are going to discuss that how Basket can be a photo enthusiastic’s best tool when surfing the web world.

We came across Photography Tips, Tricks and photography locations.

We do need to save them or keep note. Basket makes it lot way easier. The question we get from many users is how to organize the links they bring into Basket effectively.

You have the option to organize by keeping them in a Category, putting Tags against them or to keep Notes against those saved items. It is remarkable how powerful Basket becomes when you find the right system that works for you.

Simplified Category Structure

It is easy to maintain your bookmarks easily with Categories. You can keep categories like : Travel Destinations, Photography Tips, Gears. And your saved items will be stacked inside a category.

By Default Categories remain in Alphabetical order. You can put symbols such as hashtags, periods, and numbers to force them into an order that works for you. Such as - #tools , .Projects

Organized with tags and color

While saving a webpage you can add tags against it to further organize the element. Like While adding ‘Travel Destinations’ category you can add further tags like: Autumn or Wildlife or northern lights.

You can further filter the elements by adding a color against it. Premium destinations a separate color or may be trekking locations a different color.

Add Notes against your saved items

It becomes more easy when you keep starting adding notes against your saved items. You can save Phone number, email or any additional information about a location in Details section against a webpage.

Here is how you can quickly add category and tags in Basket.

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