Top 10 tips to write amazing blogs like a pro

Today we are going to discuss on how to write great blogs like a pro. We discussed some points maintaining which can give you loyal readers. You may already follow some, or may not, have a look to ensure you don’t miss a single one and can connect better with your audiences.

1. Write for People:

Who are reading your article? That is one of the main thing you need to understand. Stuffing keywords is for search engine and you cannot write for search engines. So write for people and they will be happy to share and will come to you again.

2. Make articles concise:

People don’t like to read long articles unless it delivers value continuously and the writing is really good.

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Where to submit your startup to gain users

As we all know only making a product is not everything, you need to market it well. In today’s tech savvy world most of the users comes from online. Even if your product is not online commodity still people refers to products or services now over internet. So it is always a best practice to submit your startup on some startup directories listed below.

Startup Directories

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How Really Today’s IT StartUps Are Attracting Users And Here Is What We Found

Each and everyday there lots of company is formed in Valley and also dies they say. Today not only Valley but in many corner of the world the IT companies are getting formed and also many non-IT startups also using internet in heave manner to reach their possible customers. Each and every companies are taking some ways to grab there customers or compelling them in innovative ways to reach out to the more uers.

As we all know the words of mouth is more powerful so people rely on them. Now if we look into how others startups are gathering beta users and also what things you should keep in your mind to get users specially Beta users, you will go amazed.

# A Viral Homepage

At any condition a Viral homepage you always need. Now you can say “Isn’t a home page is required, what is Viral homepage?”, but the thing is what makes a homepage viral is how attractive and informative and offcourse SIMPLE you can make your Homepage. A good homepage prompts a visitor to to actually sign up in your website or subscribe in it.


# Submit Your Startup for Listing

Once you are ready to accept users or even if you already started it is Good to have a look at these checklist to ensure you already enlisted in these areas.

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